Scale up your marketing impact scale down your budget
and be part of the new media movement!
An innovative medium to get up-close and personal.

Proximity Billboard is a backlit, interactive advertising board, that is worn by promoters, who move where people are.

You can target city centers, malls, busy streets, events, exhibitions, or areas with limited access, in an engaging and creative manner.

Use Proximity Billboard to interact with customers and for a great brand recall. An easy, effective, and affordable advertising media to target customers where the competition is not present.
Benefits of Proximity Billboards
Proximity Billboard has a large display area of 130cm and has high visibility from all angles.

This new innovative advertising format combines state-of-the-art, energy efficient illumination with a portable, ergonomic and lightweight backpack billboard.
Since the walkers are not stationary, they can be anywhere, anytime: morning, noon or night!
Can be as simple as building brand awareness to handing out a coupon, demonstrating a product or putting a sample in the hands of your customer.
You can find your customers and walk right beside them, wherever they are!
Can follow or lead the crowd & be adapted to any market.
All units are backlit with LED lights, and perfect for night campaigns.
Leaves no carbon footprint!
Features and Options of Mobile Billboards
Reaches 130 cm in height and visibility from all angles
All units are backlit and perfect for night campaigns
Short lead time and turn-around time
Prints can be easily changed on-site
Creative options
Available Options
Leaflet Printing
Promotional Clothing
Combine with Mobile billboards
Short / Long term lease
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Mobile Billboard Dimensions